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"Essential Financial Management is an important ally in the management of our small, family owned plumbing contracting business. This relationship allows us to concentrate our efforts on what we do well: plumbing. It's great to know that there are people on the back end concentrating on what they do well, mainly tax planning, tax preparation, and business development. And they didn't drain my pocketbook! If you are in need of professional tax and business financial management services, Vinny, David, Rose, Aimee, and the entire staff at EFM have our endorsement."

-Steve McLinden, Owner, D&D Plumbing

"We have worked with EFM for nearly a year. We are very pleased with the service, attention to detail and professionalism that EFM has provided in the accounting services they have performed for us. EFM met with us, showed a sincere interest in our company, and was able to offer an affordable service that met our needs and unique requirements. As a small business, with international ties, we found that we were too small and complex for large accounting service companies to adequately meet our needs. There are some global implications to our accounting needs, in addition to the growing issues of a small start-up company that is constantly growing and expanding. EFM has been able to understand the high standards that our company has, and are extremely efficient in meeting our needs and time requirements. They have dedicated personnel and resources to providing the services we require in a timely manner, with complete accuracy and respect for our special needs and concerns. We have found EFM to be very responsive, providing the answers we need when we need them, and willingly offer invaluable solutions when required. We would highly recommend them to any business looking for personalized accounting services they can depend on."

-Gavin Fink, Director of Operations, PROTEM USA LLC,  

"The Essential Financial Management team has been fabulous to work with. They take care of my books for two businesses as well as my personal taxes. Using EFM’s bookkeeping services provides an extra set of eyes on my books and they have helped me setup my books so that I can use my financials to run my business(s) rather than having them setup for tax purposes. Additionally, EFM has provided guidance in a number of business areas. How much value does Essential Financial Management add? I would answer this way- I have and will continue to refer them to my clients and others."

-Blair Koch, CEO, The Alternative Board

"David, I really appreciate your assistance with my situation. I can’t thank you enough. It is also a pleasure working with Kelly, She is reasonable, gets answers to my questions, and updates things even when I don’t ask for it. So props to you and your company!"

-Anthony Irizarry, Owner, Associated Brokers Realty

"My experience with EFM has been fantastic! The staff is always friendly and willing to take the time to answer my questions! I have worked with David for over 3 years now, and couldn’t be more pleased. I have A LOT of questions! David is very patient with me and my repetitive questions, and he is always willing to talk and make sure I understand my personal and business accounting, and tax situation."

-Neil Shelton, Partner, InsureU

"As the owner of Street Smart Window Tinting I have worked with Essential Financial Management for the past 2 years. They provide my company with excellent service and everything is always completed timely. They handle my company’s payroll and bookkeeping needs every month and they also take care of my year-end tax preparation for both the business and personal. I would recommend them to any small business owner!"

-Wayne Smith, Owner, Street Smart Window Tinting

"I want to share with everyone what great experiences I have had when working with David and his office. Last year, I made my way to Colorado from New Jersey, and knew no one. Being self-employed, I put out a prayer for a "good accountant" as I needed one fast to let me know where/how to start in this brand new state I now called home. David was highly recommended to me, and I was impressed with him from our very first phone call. Although we just "met," he ensured that all the paperwork I needed was filed ASAP. No matter how many questions I had, he patiently answered them all. When it came to tax season, David took care of my business and personal taxes. He had to work with the State of New Jersey, as well as Colorado...and he did so with patience and expertise every step of the way. I have truly found an accountant for life, and I am so very grateful that I was guided to someone who cares and is knowledgeable in his field. David and his staff are true professionals."

-Caly Lehrer, Owner, Peace-By Peace, LLC, Highland Ranch, CO

"David and Mandy have managed our accounting and financial responsibilities for over 10 years. Their understanding of financial and tax matters is a huge asset to our company, and there is no one I trust more to get the job done right, with the efficiency and accuracy that we need to manage our business. With them, I know that the financial side of the business is handled and I can focus all of my time on operational matters."

-Jason Gordon, Owner, Sheffield Homes Colorado LLC & Sheffield Finished Basements and More, Arvada, CO

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